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Mark Jalone                                              Financial Services Professional
760.610.2096/ 254.466.2097

Trust Dedication Service

Do you have more financial responsibilities than resources? That's not uncommon these days-not when so many of us are trying to pay off our mortgages, prepare for retirement, save for college and care for aging relatives. That's where it helps to have a financial professional by your side; someone who can evaluate your needs, assess your priorities and recommend solutions that help address your financial goals and objectives.

With today’s busy lifestyle, it takes a plan to get things done. Whether it’s as simple as a grocery list, or as complicated as planning a wedding, careful preparation can help you save time, money and countless headaches.
Surprisingly, though, most people don’t have a well-thought-out plan when it comes to protecting their loved ones if something bad were to happen like an unexpected illness or untimely death. Ask yourself, if you suddenly became disabled*, or died, would your family have the financial means to remain in your home? Could your children still graduate from college? Would your dependents be able to pursue their dreams and goals? Without a proper financial plan in place, the answer may be “no.”
While no one can predict the future, you can still take the necessary steps to help prepare for the unexpected. When you purchase life insurance from a reputable company, the insurer provides you with a guaranteed** promise to pay a death benefit to help your loved ones be financially secure after you’re gone. You’ll feel better knowing your family is taken care of, and can focus on achieving their own life milestones, like getting married, purchasing a first home and having children.
A knowledgeable and experienced life insurance agent can work with you to help determine which type of coverage is best for your situation. Together, you can create a financial strategy so you’ll be prepared for whatever the future brings. 
*Disability Income Insurance available through one or more carriers not affiliated with New York Life, dependent on carrier authorization and product availability in your state or locality.

Mark's Clients Comments:
Mark is detail oriented agent with the clients needs his first primary objective. Mark will work with you to determine what your problems are that products that he represents with New York Life can solve. he then will work closely with you to implement a program that is best for you & or your family.

As a partner with PalmSpringsSport Mark will provide a free financial profile.

Mark Jalone
Trust - Dedication - Service
CA Ins. Lic.#0141032, AK #116675
760.610.2096/ 254.466.2097
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Premier Builders

Palm Springs General Contractor 

20 years family run business Premier Builders leading general contractor in Palm Springs and Southern California. Over 500 projects from remodels, design, and consulting. Top quality work to meet your specifications. Personal anytime customer service with detail on follow through.

Projects from small bathroom changes to complete home renovations. Construction is our business and having top quality contractor professional construction services in all different areas.  Whether building projects from design, scratch or complex renovations, we have ample experience in every job. 


 Premier Builders

Office # (760) 775-5920 

Fax # (760) 296-1726

Water Workouts

Water Workouts

Rick Miller

Swimming Workouts

Convenience of water workouts at your choice either a public pool or the comfort of your own residence. Rick Miller professional water fitness trainer is here to help with your aquatic therapy.

Benefits of Water Workouts:

bulletRehabilitate your strength to come back to your favorite sports, hobbies, and activities.
bulletLow/No impact – painless on joints, especially knees, hips, and shoulders
bulletDevelopment of range of mobility, power, and balance
bulletLessen lower back pain, sharpens posture
bulletDecrease your heart rate, tones muscle
bulletGroup/Private lessons available, held in the comfort and privacy of your own pool or location.
Consult your physician before starting any exercise program

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Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy - Palm Desert

Fascial Stretch Therapy

72990 El Paseo, Suite 2
Palm Desert, CA 92260
Across Starbucks

Fascial Stretch Therapy®:

Can get you back in action so you can fully enjoy your life.
Restore and Relax your body while one of our certified Fascial Stretch Therapists assist you in a series of lower body and upper body stretches to remove pain and tension.
FST is a pain free method that also increases joint space, enhances muscle activation and relaxation, relieves chronic pain from muscle tension or compressed joint capsules, eliminates trigger points, and improves posture.

Fascial Stretch Therapy® is a unique system that utilizes specific stretching techniques to dramatically improve flexibility. During an hour-long session, you will experience visible and immediate gains in your range of motion while in a relaxed state. FST is a pain free method that also increases joint space, enhances muscle activation and relaxation, relieves chronic pain from muscle tension or compressed joint capsules, eliminates trigger points, and improves posture. During your stretching session we will help you release troublesome spots to maintain your optimal fascial flexibility and alignment.
  • 47% of your flexibility is locked up in your joint capsule
  • 42% of your flexibility potential is in your fascia.
  • Stretching can reduce or eliminate tight muscles, stiff joints, and chronic pain.
  • Stretching improves your circulation.
  • Stretching makes you feel and look younger.
  • Stretching makes you stronger.

Don’t let your life pass you by while you suffer from pain.
Contact us if you would like to experience these amazing results!

Fascial Stretch Therapy you will see improvement in your flexibility and posture with just 1 session but clients who get stretched regularly see larger and longer lasting gains.

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Monroe Hotel Palm Springs

Palm Springs Hotel - Monroe Hotel Palm Springs

The Monroe Palm Springs

Monroe Hotel Palm Springs

1900 N Palm Canyon Dr.
Palm Springs, CA 92262
Reservations: 760.322.3757 (Promo Code "PSS")
Subject To Availability

Perfect Palm Springs hotel for all your events and activities in Palm Springs, CA, and the Coachella Valley. Going to the beautiful valley for cycling, running, hiking, or for any events The Monroe Palm Springs is a great location. Palm Springs hotel is style on a budget with choice of suite or standard rooms for your accommodations. All rooms have coffee makers for coffee and tea, refrigerators, air conditioner, in room safes for your convenience. The Monroe hotel is a smoke free property. All guest can receive a hotel deal from a partnership with PalmSpringSport.com mention "PSS" and receive promotional discount.

The Monroe Palm Springs

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Swimwear Anywhere

Travel Advisor

Travel Advisor - No Fees!

Travel Advisor

Travel Advisor


Did you know, whether it is last minute cruises by a travel advisor that's months away, is the best way to book your cruises. 

The majority of luxury cruise line passengers do exactly that and for many good reasons.

For example the travel advisor at Your Travel Agency will:
                     Recommend cruise line(s) and cruise ship(s) that are a good fit for you and your lifestyle.
                     Provide a thorough overview of the itineraries.
                     Recommend you’re on board stateroom or suite.
                     Describe dining options on your ship and submit any special dietary requests.
                     Secure all advertised and unadvertised special offers and on-board credits.
                     Work within your budget.
                     Arrange air and ground transport.
                     Discuss travel insurance options.
                     Discuss shore excursion options including pre and post cruise visits.

You're likely to save money, time and hassles when you make reservations especially with last minute cruises at Your Travel Agency vs. book­ing on your own, either with a cruise line or with a large internet agency. Mention for a free gift when booked! 760.772.5888
Silver Spirit

All Inclusive Cruises

Luxury Cruise vacations the best way to travel is all inclusive cruises. So many choices are part of deciding on cruises that will be right for you - ports of call, din­ing, lodg­ing, activities, en­ter­tain­ment. Etc.  Each element will im­pact your enjoyment.  As expert luxury cruise travel advisor, we'll help you make the most appropriate se­lec­tions.
Best luxury cruise value that cost nothing is extra for our advice. Your Travel Agency don't charge a fee for our ser­vices.  760.772.5888
Please ask me some tough questions when you call:

                     Have I ac­tu­al­ly sailed on the cruise line or ship I'm considering?
                     Have I been to your cho­sen des­ti­na­tions?
                     Will I evaluate the position of your cabin on the ship before I make your reservation?  What's above it, below it and to the sides of it?  Does your cabin have a balcony?  An unobstructed view?  Is it mid-ship? 
                     Will I look for unadvertised special deals or perks?
More information on last minute cruises and all inclusive cruises check out Luxury Cruise Blog

Mention when contact Travel Advisor at Your Travel Agency and get a free gift when booked! 
Call or send an email if you would like more information. There are no fees for our services!  Email or call us at 760.772.5888

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